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Writing for social media: a class for beginning journalists


For anyone looking to start a blog or reach a new audience through social media, check out this article! It has great tips on how to maximize your writing for social media.

Originally posted on The Buttry Diary:

Six times last week, I taught a class that I first presented last spring when I was interviewing for my current job at LSU: writing for social media.

In the context of a beginning “Media Writing” class that we require of all Manship School of Mass Communication students, I teach the techniques of good writing in the context of social media. While my background is strongest in journalism, I apply the points of the class to other specialties within the Manship School: political communication, public relations and digital advertising.

This is going to be a long post, probably helpful only to mass-comm teachers (or last week’s students who would like a review). But that’s who I’m writing it for, and it’s long because I want to invite you to use some of…

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Christina Abney Puts Skill to Work

Christina AbneyThe Department of Communication gives graduates the power to succeed and prosper while working any career. Ms. Christina Abney is an alumnus of Western Kentucky University who graduated in May 2014. She double majored in Corporate and Organizational Communication and Spanish. Currently she is working as the Account Development Manager for Pretty Incredible Communications in Jeffersonville, Indiana. She absolutely loves every minute of it.

Maintaining and growing assigned accounts through customer service and project coordination encourages the fulfillment of tasks. Christina has been trained at her job and has accomplished so much in just a few short months, and she repeatedly says how the Department of Communication has helped her excel to where she currently is in her career and in her life.

Ms. Abney believes every individual should master communication skills in the interpersonal, group, organizational, and public settings, which is exactly what her professors in the Department of Communication taught her. She communicates efficiently and effectively in a team-based setting in order to work hands on in any situation, while also forming great personal and professional relationships along the way. By working closely with her manager, she grows sales of existing accounts, while her manger pursues new accounts for the future. This provides her with the guidance to excel, while also developing respectful relationships built on trust, teamwork, and leadership. Ms. Abney is a wonderful advocate for the Department of Communication who strongly believes communication positively enhances and develops every individual.

Ms. Abney believes communication is the foundation for any job. She has to be able to sell both her company and herself in order to succeed when interacting with all assigned accounts. She uses her knowledge of all forms of communication through face-to-face, email, and phone conversations with clients. Learning how to communicate in multiple ways and with various types of individuals while in college has shaped her into the strong, independent communicator she is now. Christina believes she is an integral part in the ongoing development at Pretty Incredible Communications, which makes her feel that she is making a difference.

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Student Athlete Spotlight

paige_drazgaWKU senior Ms. Paige Drazga is finishing a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and minors in Marketing as well as Media & Convention Management. She is not a typical student. She has been swimming for WKU since August of 2011. She competes in the 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, and 100 butterfly; but her favorite is the 50 freestyle because it is the shortest.

Born and raised in South Lyon, Michigan, Ms. Drazga has one brother. She started swimming competitively when she was only 7 years old. Ms. Drazga continued swimming during middle school and high school, and continued to excel in and outside of the pool.

Like many, when it was time to declare a major Ms. Drazga wasn’t quite sure about her career plans. So she decided she would major in Communication Studies because she would enjoy interacting with people. In addition, this major pairs well with minors in Marketing and Media & Convention Management. When I asked Paige if she felt her major in the Department of Communication affected her as a swimmer she was quick to say yes. She continued, “I feel it impacts my everyday life, because what I learn helps me to understand how and why people communicate with each other, and with me.”

Ms. Drazga’s plan, after graduation, is to become an event planner for either a corporation like Speedo, Under Armor or Nike; or a specific event planning company; her dream company would be Total Event Productions in Atlanta, GA.

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Parking/traffic information for Homecoming 2015 events


Here’s all the Parking and Transportation updates for Homecoming this weekend. We hope to see everyone there! Go TOPS!

Originally posted on WKU News:

Here’s an advisory from WKU Parking & Transportation about parking and traffic changes for Homecoming 2015 events on Thursday and Friday (Nov. 5-6):

Homecoming concert parking on Nov. 5

WKU welcomes Hunter Hayes with special guest Kelsea Ballerini for the Homecoming Concert on Thursday (Nov. 5) in Diddle Arena.  A portion of the North Diddle parking lot will be reserved for support vehicles beginning Wednesday (Nov. 4).

The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. and the doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Public parking will be available in Parking Structures 1 and 2. Use caution when entering or exiting the lots surrounding Diddle Arena.

Homecoming parade street/parking lot closings on Nov. 6

The Homecoming Parade will be held Friday (Nov. 6) from 4:30 p.m. until approximately 6 p.m. Note the changes to traffic patterns and street closings to create a safe parade route. The parade begins on College Heights Boulevard near…

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Diana Vela Leads at WKU

diana_velaGraduating senior Diana Vela majored in Corporate and Organizational minored in Exposition Planning. But that only scratches the surface of Ms. Vela’s accomplishments.

Ms. Vela is a Communication Ambassador, a member of Lambda Pi Eta, and the Employer Relation’s Intern at the Center for Career and Professional Development.  She has completed Phase One and Two of the Dynamic Leadership Institute and has held several positions within her sorority, Sigma Kappa.  She has also served in several other intern positions both in Bowling Green and her hometown, Louisville. Ms. Vela stated “I think its important for students to get involved in internships while attending WKU because life after graduation depends on the networking you did while in college. A lot of successful people received their first job because of an internship that they had or an organization that they were a part of. Being involved also allows students to apply the skills that they learn inside the classroom to real-life, professional, situations.”

Ms. Vela has also been active in the community through volunteer work.  This includes participating in the Alzheimer’s Walk every year while at WKU, as well as being involved with other activities such as Up Til ‘Dawn. Up Til’ Dawn is an event held annually at WKU that raises money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. At this event students stay up all night and participate in fun activities such as dance offs and friendly competitions.

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Tips for soon-to-be Graduates

chelsea_martionAre you a soon-to-be graduate? Do you have any questions you would like to ask a recent graduate?

Ms. Chelsea Martin, a recent graduate from the Department of Communication in Western Kentucky University (WKU), gave some advice for those soon-to-be graduates have about the “real world” that is ahead of them.

Ms. Martin graduated from Western Kentucky University with double majors in May of 2014: a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies and a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. She currently is pursuing her Master’s in Communication Studies at the University of Alabama. As a graduate teaching assistant she instructs 2-3 labs per semester of COM123 (Public Speaking) per semester. In the lab, she is able to work closely with students, who go to a weekly mass lecture twice a week.

Ms. Martin exclaims proudly, “It has been an incredibly rewarding experience!”

Ms. Martin was able to take a look back in the past and give some very useful advice to the soon-to-be graduates. She originally did not know how to manage her time very well. But after being involved in multiple student organizations such as Sigma Kappa and the Ogden Ambassador program, she was able to learn how to manage her time wisely. Being able to manage her time well, is very beneficial with the crazy graduate school schedule .

Ms. Martin’s biggest piece of advice for those soon-to-be graduates is to take advantage of your sleep! Although you may feel like an old man/woman, going to bed early is a lifesaver. If you do not set a particular sleep schedule right after graduation, then you are going to suffer when you have to wake up early. Also, she stressed that showing up for work is very important! You are only allotted so many sick/personal days in a “real world” job like a graduate assistant. She explains, “Being tired and unmotivated does not quite send the right message to your superiors/supervisors and skipping class isn’t acceptable for instructor.”

Ms. Martin even gave us an outside source with some advice. The New York Times reported on February of 2008, on the “impostor syndrome.” This is considered the feeling of “inadequacy”/”inability” and “self-doubt” to do the new tasks set in front of you. It is very hard to overcome but, her advice is this: “If you’re hired for a job or accepted for a graduate program, chances are, you’re there for a reason and they WANT you to be there. You just have to trust that and believe in your skill set as well as your abilities. It’ll pass, and finding people in the same situation with you (being the “new” person) can help tremendously!”

Finally, Ms. Martin leaves us undergraduate students with these words of wisdom. “Apply for something if you think it is interesting. You may be the only one and be a shoo-in, or you may get rejected. Don’t being afraid of someone telling you that others are more qualified than you are.”

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Beyond Analytics: The ROI of Social Media Marketing


This is a great article on the importance of social media fro branding, networking, and customer service. If you are starting a business or you work somewhere that hasn’t fully incorporated a cohesive social media presence, it is certainly something to consider.

Originally posted on rachel jolley:

So, you’ve come to the conclusion that social media is a necessity in today’s market. Maybe you’ve even hired someone to manage it for you, or you’re taking it on in-house. Or, maybe you are shopping around, but soon, you will begin a social media marketing commitment for your brand.

But, what does social media marketing actually do for your brand?

Agencies will (as they always/must do) sell you a shiny, promising package with buzzwords to lure you in (eg: “viral,” “conversions,” “influencers”). Now, this blog post is not going against the fact that those things can happen with great content and a solid strategy. They absolutely can. But, I could also, maybe win the lottery if I play it every weekend.

Again, I’m not saying that these goals are irrelevant or unimportant. But, your real, everyday goals for your social media marketing commitment should reflect what social media has…

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