Doris Moody recognized as one of WKU’s Volunteer of the Year

Image     Doris Moody was recognized at the 2013 Summit Award Banquet for being one of WKU’s Volunteer of the Year recipients.  She is a 1996 graduate with a masters degree in Communication Studies, and is president of the Department of Communication’s alumni council.
The alumni council was formed in May, 2013.  Ms. Moody was one of the founding members and has led the board through its beginning steps—writing and approving bylaws, creating an ‘executive in residence’ proposal for the department, and developing new membership.  As president of the council, she directs the executive committee, sets agendas, develops plans for growth, and encourages support of the department.
Ms. Moody is Human Resources Team Leader at Logan Aluminum, where she manages human resource development, including organizational strategy and long range planning.  She has consulted with Logan Aluminum on work systems designs, organizational culture, participative management, change management, and human resource development.



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