WKU-Glasgow Speech Contest


On Saturday, November 2nd, the inaugural WKU-Glasgow Speech Contest took place at the Glasgow campus. Students from COMM 145: Fundamentals of Public Speaking and COMM 161: Business & Professional Speaking participated in the event. These students were chosen either by their class or their instructor to be a part of the event based on an exemplary speech given in their respective classes earlier in the semester. COMM 145 students competing in the event delivered their Speech of Information & Diversity, while each COMM 161 students delivered their Informative Business Presentation. The contest consisted of three rounds, with the final rounds determining a finalist’s placement. COMM 145 and COMM 161 were split into two separate categories and students earning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place received financial awards, as well as a certificate. 1st place winners were awarded $250, 2nd place winners received $100, and 3rd place finalists received $50.

Throughout the event, Big Red posed for photos with students and guests, door prizes were given away, and the students and their guests ate and relaxed between rounds. During the final round, the finalists’ speeches were judged by Celebrity Judges Dr. Helen Sterk, Dr. Sally Ray, Mayor Rhonda Trautman (Mayor of Glasgow), and Ernie Myers (Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce President).

The finalists for COMM 145 were: 1st place – Alexandria Staples, whose instructor is Ivan Gan, 2nd place – Jody Dahmer, whose instructor is Donna Schiess, and 3rd place – Zachary Brown, whose instructor is Gary Hughes. The finalists for COMM 161 were: 1st place – Tyler Scaff, whose instructor is Bruce Crawley, 2nd place – Dakota Thise, whose instructor is Stacey Gish, and 3rd place – Marie Angeles, whose instructor is Gayle Allison. The event was a great success and we hope to continue offering the WKU-Glasgow Speech Contest every fall.



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