2nd Annual Department of Communication Bonfire

For the second year in a row, Ms. Charlotte Elder hosted the Department of Communication Bonfire. This event is the perfect opportunity for students, alumni, and professors to join together for a night of great fun. Approximately 40 people gathered on Wednesday, November 13th for marshmallow roasting, hot chocolate and great conversation. Everyone grabbed their chairs and blankets for a cold night by the warm fire. This year the bonfire had a new act to add to the festivities, Happy Gas! According to Happy Gas member, Angelia Whitlock, “Happy Gas Improv Troupe is Kentucky’s longest running improvisational comedy troupe. With audience suggestions, we create and build scenes and entire stories without script or prior rehearsal.” This interactive group brought an exciting new twist to the bonfire and left everyone laughing. Members of Happy Gas present at the bonfire were President Nick Benson, Stephen Korfhage, Chris Embry, and Angelia Whitlock. From Happy Gas to the roasting pig, the bonfire is anything but boring. Communication student Ryan DeMuth said when asked what his favorite part of the annual bonfire is stated, “I would have to say just being able to see a great group of faculty and students be able to kill some stress and hang out together.” The annual bonfire is a new tradition for the Department of Communication that both students and professors hope will continue and grow in the years to come.


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