COMM 200 Appdate


COMM 200 app debuted in the fall of 2013. WKU faculty designed the app for the Communication Foundations class, replacing the traditional college textbook. Several Communication professors wrote the content, led by Dr. Blair Thompson.  After interviewing a handful of students who are currently taking the class, I found the general consensus is that the app is liked. While some students expressed an interest in having the option of a hard copy text, most liked the fact of having one less book to lug up the hill! One student remarked, “I would love to only have to carry my iPad.”

The quality and the varying functions of the app seem to be well liked by the students. Although they admitted that the app sometimes would lock up or close unexpectedly, they were understanding of the fact that it’s new. New technology is always going to encounter some bugs and glitches. Nearly all of the students agreed that the app would be successful once a few minor problems were worked out. The students were also pleased with other features of the app, saying “it is more than a book.”

It wasn’t surprising to hear that no one felt like there would be a time that apps would replace all textbooks. However, there was a time when the general consensus was that the world was flat and putting a man on the moon was impossible. The students in the Department of Communication are very fortunate to have an incredible faculty that creates a brand new class, writes the textbook, and then turns it into an app! With that type of commitment, who knows what they’ll be able to accomplish next.


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