Communication Organization For Graduate Students (COGS)

The Communication Organization for Graduate Students (COGS) exists to serve graduate students in the Masters of Organizational Communication. Three graduate students serve as officers, Felix Perrone (President), Daniela Fuentes (Vice-President), and Katie Fane (Secretary). In addition, Dr. Holly Payne serves as the Faculty Advisor.

As the life of a Communication graduate student can prove to be very busy and challenging, COGS desires to provide meaningful opportunities for students to network and help one another in their different endeavors. We do so in a variety of ways. Primarily, we hold meetings the last Monday of every month. These meetings are designed to share information about what the Department of Communication is doing (e.g. visiting scholars, webinars, etc.), to create fellowship among students, and to exchange experiences that will help students as they work their way through the graduate program.  We also provide workshops and class reviews when graduate students express a need for them. Workshops may include topics such as thesis writing, how to study for COMPS, etc.

Recently, COGS initiated the planning of a webinar, “How to Write Literature Reviews” conducted by Dr. Sonja Foss (University of Colorado, Denver) and Dr. William Waters (University of Houston, Downtown) authors of the book, Destination Dissertation.  The webinar workshop provided an interesting technique for literature review writing that will help graduate students in writing final course papers as well as theses.

COGS also supports lectures sponsored by the Communication Department, and creates opportunities for students to continue discussing what they learned during those events through the department’s ReVerb series.  COGS hosted a ReVerb event based on the department’s guest lecturer, Dr. Paul Schrodt.  The event involved the creation of interactive posters which included quotes from Dr. Schodt’s lectures and questions for students to address in pen form on the poster itself.  It was a great success, and truly kept the conversation going.  We were very excited to read all the comments students left on the posters, and we look forward to doing a similar activity next semester.

In addition to attending the lectures given by Dr. Paul Schrodt on step-family communication, COGS members had the opportunity to meet with him privately to ask about his research and seek advice on thesis topics.  We truly enjoyed getting to meet Dr. Schrodt!

In December, the current officers of the COGS eagerly anticipated the end of the semester outing event, where students enjoyed dinner together and celebrated their accomplishments throughout the semester.


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