Internships Catapulting Careers Forward


This fall, the Department of Communication hosted an “Interns on Interning” panel. Students gathered in the Faculty house, where they were given the opportunity to gain insight from internship veterans. A panel of six students shared their experiences with the group, and it was exciting to hear the variety of internships that students from WKU have filled. From internships with Landshark Shredding to WKU Athletic Department, students are out in our community applying skills learned here on The Hill.

The students shared how their Communication degrees have catapulted their careers forward and their participation in their internships has helped to narrow down what careers they hope to pursue. WKU Communication Studies senior, Eric Sapp, said he hopes to make strong networking connections and gain valuable job experience during his summer 2014 internship. Eric is looking forward to working for an insurance company and hopes to learn more about this field to better decide if it will be the right fit for him. He also mentioned how he hopes his internship will lead to a full-time job after college.

Dr. Carl Kell, Director of Internships, strongly believes that an internship can help students achieve their professional goals and has the potential to launch their careers. The key to all this is finding the right internship. Many Communication students walk into his office unsure of what opportunities are out there for their major, but the possibilities are endless. Dr. Kell spoke of how the Department of Communication equips students to enter almost any organization with a toolbox full of strategies to improve the communication climate and to promote more effective communication, making Communication majors essential at the most basic level of an organization and up. Students who are undecided if an internship would be a beneficial endeavor should consider how an internship provides a link between academic learning and professional employment.

Most students are unaware of the processes involved in obtaining an internship. Those students interested in registering for the Spring 2014 internship course should schedule an appointment with Dr. Carl Kell to discuss potential internship placements. If your organization is interested in hosting a communication intern, contact Dr. Carl Kell at (270) 745-5883.


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