Kari Warberg Block—Executive in Residence


On February 12-13, the WKU Department of Communication kicked off its first annual “Executive in Residence” program with entrepreneur Kari Warberg Block. Ms. Warberg Block is a prominent business professional who highly values communication’s role in building strong businesses. See the press release here: news.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/communication-earthkind.

An entrepreneur who started an $8 million company from a 99 cent package of seeds, Ms. Warberg Block invented a product called Fresh Cab that repels rodents through natural means—a sachet made from ground up corn cobs that gives off the odor of balsam fir. Turns out mice and rats hate the smell and run away from it, making removal of little dead bodies unnecessary.

In developing capacity for mass production, marketing and distributing this ingenious product, Ms. Warberg Block learned to lead, to delegate, to motivate, and to activate employees and community partners.

Interest in Ms. Warberg Block spanned three colleges—she spoke to a Farm Management class in Agriculture; to an Entrepreneurship class in Business; and to Small Group Communication, the Senior Capstone, and Advanced Organizational Communication classes in Communication. Plus, Ms. Warberg Block met with Deans and representatives from the three colleges to bring home the importance of communication in building a farm-related business.

Ms. Warberg Block shared her expertise with the community in an evening question and answer session with alumnus Sam Ford.  See the Bowling Green Daily News story here: http://www.bgdailynews.com/news/entrepreneur-invents-natural-rodent-repellent/article_cc339588-e91c-55a5-8b04-1f53fead344a.html .

Engaging and filled with good humor, as well as good sense, Ms. Warberg Block proved herself the perfect person to launch the “Executive in Residence” program.



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