Special Topics: Cyber Culture


This semester, we welcomed a new course in the Department of Communication, offered to students in the spring 2014 semester only. Dr. Riverson Rios, a visiting professor from Universidade Federal de Ceará in Brazil, taught the course. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Dr. Rios was delighted to teach students about cyber culture and help them to understand how the digital world is changing the way we communicate.  Dr. Rios has abundant experience through his research and teaching this course at universities in Canada and Brazil.  Through his years of experience, he has acquired a variety of literature to share with students.

The special topics course allowed the students to focus on several pieces of literature centering around a variety of topics related to the World Wide Web. Each student created his or her own blogs. They were encouraged to post their own ideas and thoughts about specific topics that can be accessed by anyone.  Since technology has become a necessity in our personal and professional lives, Dr. Rios, encourages students to study topics that can be applied to all careers.  Students also had the opportunity to create a presentation and write a research paper on any topic they chose.

Dr. Rios hoped students would further their knowledge about a specific aspect of the cyber culture, be able to apply that to their fields of interest and create new knowledge about it.  The students were very enthusiastic about their one-time opportunity to take this course because of its relevance.

Elyse Madigan, a student enrolled in the course pointed out, “This course has really opened my eyes about the underlying aspects of the internet and how our communication is connected.”  Dr. Rios stated, “Technology is a part of everyone’s life.  That’s why it is important to know more about what is going on, how the web is changing our lives, our culture, our society, our educational system, our government, our relationships with people, our brains.”  Dr. Rios brought a unique perspective of the cyber world to our university, and we have welcomed this idea of technology in the Department of Communication.


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