Visiting Minority Scholar: Mittie Carey


Dr. Mittie K. Carey, the WKU Department of Communication Visiting Minority Scholar, leaves a legacy of care, insight, and inclusion as she finishes her two year term on our faculty. The department celebrated Dr. Carey with a farewell luncheon on May 7, 2014.

Dr. Carey earned her Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Memphis in the spring of 2012. Her dissertation, “The Freedom Faith Speeches of Prathia Hall: Uncovering a Hybrid Rhetoric of Protest,” formed the basis of special topics classes at WKU.

Dr. Carey focused departmental attention on civil rights, women, and rhetoric through the graduate and undergraduate courses she taught. Field trips to Memphis’ Civil Rights Museum, world café conversations on race, and a course on Interracial Communication found expression here because of Dr. Carey. Further, Dr. Carey served on a university level committee devoted to diversity and inclusion across the campus.

Dr. Carey returns to Memphis at the end of her appointment to rejoin her husband and family. We wish her well in all she does, knowing her talent will take her far.


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