WKU Homecoming 2014

homecoming 2014

During Homecoming Week,  students in various organizations throughout campus compete with each other by building floats, making banners and participating in other events throughout the week. Along with these competitions, organizations also nominate a candidate for Homecoming Queen. In 2014, 24 candidates were nominated from these organizations for Homecoming Queen.

The Department of Communication and Communication Ambassadors sponsored Abby Boyd, a Corporate and Organizational  Communication Major to represent the department. Abby says “It was  a huge honor representing the Department of Communication as the homecoming candidate because of how much the Department has impacted me during my time at WKU. I have been able to become a better person because of the relationships I gave developed and the skills I have gained through the  Department. Natalie Gilliam, a Communication Ambassador, was also on the homecoming court, so the Department was represented very well. During the parade Department of Communication signs were place on the Corvette, which gained a lot of attention from spectators. I’m excited to see how the Department’s role continues to develop during homecoming week.”


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