Internship Opportunities Unleashed: What does it take to be an Intern at the General Motors Bowling Green Plant?

gm manager

Internships unleash the secret of gaining hands on experience in a professional setting before, or after, you graduate college. If you are uncertain or confused of what you want to do within your major, it is highly recommended by professors, advisors, and business leaders to start looking for experience, whether you are a freshman or senior close to graduation in May.

Ms. Andrea Hales, Manager of Bowling Green Plant Communications believes that it is never too late to start exploring your internship opportunities by updating your resume. The General Motors Bowling Green Plant will offer you endless amounts of information and tools that could be applied within your studies of communication. If you believe that you are qualified for their internship positions, she strongly encourages you to apply fall of 2015. She’s looking for

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Demonstrates great interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multi-task within the workplace
  • Seeking Sophomores or Juniors, who are willing to be with the company for six months or more

Ms. Hales is willing to work with your school schedule and she will provide you with real job experience that you could take with you for any profession. Writing newsletters, preparing speeches, and showcasing the plant will be something you will grow accustomed to as an intern. She will also help you build your portfolio, to which she attributes receiving her current job position.

Yearly, WKU offers a career fair that recruiters from General Motors attend to find outstanding interns. If you need further assistance, you are welcome to visit the Career Services to improve your resume or interview skills.


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