World Cafe – Continuing the Discussion on Race


Well the interCULTURAL Club is at it again. on Feb., 23, 2015 K.J. Beauchamp, a Club member, organized a second world cafe on race. Here’s what he wrote in his welcome letter:

Good Evening Everyone.

A big thank you to all of you who took this opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. Please feel free to share these questions with your friends and start a conversation that makes you all go, “hum…?”

Question 1

Recently we’ve seen images on the media of people being targeted for poor treatment seemingly by their racial identity and economic status, why do you think this is happening in a society where racism is generally seen as a declining problem?

Question 2

In a society without race what is the new –ism?

Question 3

Why do we allow our racial identity to trap us into social norms?

Question 4

Name some ways we can chip away at misperceptions about race?

Question 5

Why do those in the majority often turn to people of color to teach them about race?

Question 6

When we begin having meaningful conversations about race, which issues seem to never get fully discussed, why, and why not?

Question 7

When it comes to Inter-racial communication what is at the heart of the problem?

Tonight you participated in a dialogue technique known as the World café. You sat with others, who openly and honestly discussed the seven questions listed above. This second café began because I wanted to continue the discussions the first café on race generated.  I felt we needed to keep examining the unique perspectives of me and my peers were at WKU and I believe the World café format is a great way of inviting others into the conversation without judgment. I hope this café motivates you to continue having these types of conversations in the months and years to come.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough the amount of weight we, as students hold on this campus. The future we will profit in is accomplished by what we invest today.

On behalf of the members of the InterCULTURAL Club I would like to say thank you to Dr. Jeffries, Steven Amusan and Sasha Ross for all their support and help with organizing and hosting a second World café on Race.

Kijana Beauchamp,

Event coordinator and InterCULTURAL Club member


2 thoughts on “World Cafe – Continuing the Discussion on Race

  1. Jeremey

    Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the second world cafe meeting however was able to participate in the first meeting. I just want to say it really was an incredible experience. The topics and conversations of that night were not only interesting, but enlightening as well. I encourage all students to take part in these events as the unspoken topics of daily, general conversations are brought to light and all input in terms of ideas, and perceptions are welcomed and shared. In order to address uncomfortable situations and topics with any means of effectiveness, they must be brought to a table set for discussion. Great job Dr. Jeffries on these inter-cultural meetings of shared thoughts!


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