Communication Organization for Graduate Students (COGS)


Fall 2014 was a semester of welcomes and farewells for COGS members.

In August, COGS welcomed several new Communication graduates to the program and held multiple orientation meetings to help new graduate students and COGS members to get acclimated to graduate work. These orientations covered student issues such as work/life balance at the graduate level, tips and tools for success in graduate school, and how to apply and maximize your opportunities in the program.

Later in the semester, COGS members enjoyed an opportunity to meet with visiting scholar, Dr. Timothy Sellnow, from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Sellnow shared academic and professional insights, answered individual questions, and talked more extensively about his line of research. Later that evening, COGS members made a strong showing at Dr. Sellnow’s lecture on crisis warning systems.

COGS said farewell to graduating officers, Heidi Sisler and Sam Moore. COGS also welcomed the new incoming officers: Kate Holmes, President, Jessica Cherry, Vice President, and Tyler Rife, Secretary.

To wrap up the year, members celebrated semester’s end and graduations with an end of semester social! Members were ready for a holiday break and jumping back into things in the new year!


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