Frequently Asked Questions – Need an answer about the Department of Communication? Look here first!

Q: What degrees programs are available in The Department of Communication?

A: In undergraduate programs:

  • Corporate & Organizational Communication (BA)
  • Communication Studies (BA)
  • Minor in Communication Studies

A: In graduate programs:

  • Organizational Communication (MA)
  • Communicating in Organization (Graduate Certificate)
  • Communicating in Healthcare (Graduate

Q: What is the difference between BA in Corporate and Organizational Communication and BA in Communication Studies?

A: Corporate and Organizational Communication: Provides an interdisciplinary program for students seeking careers that require communication skills in organizational settings such as training and development, public affairs, non-profit management, government relations, marketing, sales, human resources,
public relations, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

A: Communication Studies: This major takes a liberal arts approach to developing responsible communicators in a
variety of situations: one-on-one, small group, public, interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational settings. This
major requires a second major or minor.

Q: What are the required courses for both Majors in Communication?

A: Ÿ COMM 200: Communication Foundations
COMM 300: Introduction to Communication Research Methods
COMM 345: Advanced Public Speaking
COMM 348: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 362: Organizational Communication
COMM 463: Intercultural Communication
COMM 494: Capstone in Communication (1 hour portfolio) – Senior standing, majors only

Q: What jobs/careers can I get with this degree?

A: Law, Religion, Teaching, Banking, Nonprofit Management, Public Relations, Healthcare Management, Politics, Coordinator, Director, Sales, Recruiter, Analyst, Medical Adviser, Lobbyist, Pharmaceutical, Training, Representative, Mediator, Public Relations Specialist, Public Administrator, Human Rights Officer, Media Specialist, Educational Researcher, etc.

Q: What student organizations are available to join in the Department of Communication?
A: For Undergraduate Students:

A: For Graduate Students:

  • COGS- Communication Organization Graduate Students – Dr. Angie Jerome, Advisor

For additional detail, please visit our website.


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