WKU faculty member honored for paper on changes in parent-teacher communication

Congratulations to Dr. Blair Thompson on being honored for his Top Paper at the Central States Communication Association Conference!

WKU News Blog

WKU Associate Professor of Communication Blair Thompson will receive the Top Paper in Communication Education award from the Central States Communication Association for his work on The Changing Nature of Parent-Teacher Communication: Mode Selection in the Smartphone Era.

Blair Thompson Blair Thompson

“This award is a real testament to quality scholarship,” said Jimmie Manning, CSCA Executive Director. “This year we received many high-quality papers, and only the very best could be selected to present at the conference. Being at the top of that pile says a lot!”

The paper focuses on parent-teacher communication that is evolving due to smartphones and other new communication technologies. Dr. Thompson, who co-authored the paper with Clemson professor Joseph P. Mazer, formed a study with 1,349 parents to assess the frequency and importance of parent-teacher communication across modes. The data revealed an increase in parents’ preference for frequent e-mail communication as well as for emerging modes…

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