Department of Communication Faculty and Student Success at CSCA


The Department of Communication is known for accomplishments such as the successful students it produces, the passionate faculty members and the many honors those within the department receive. Students and faculty within the Department of Communication are involved in many extracurricular activities and organizations, as well as playing significant roles within these.

For example, there are several professors and students within the department who are members of the Central States Communication Association (CSCA). CSCA is a professional and academic association dedicated to promoting the discipline of Communication in education, scholarly and professional endeavors. Members of CSCA consist of students, primary and secondary teachers, professors and Communication professionals.

During this year’s CSCA conference, Dr. Blair Thompson officially became the Second Vice President, which will make him responsible for organizing the preconference for 2016. He will go on to organize the whole CSCA conference the following year, which will be in Minneapolis. He has been attending the CSCA conference for eight years, and considers it one of his favorite conventions.

Dr. Thompson also submitted a paper that he and Joseph Mazer, Clemson University, collaborated on and called ‘The changing nature of parent-teacher communication: Mode selection in the smartphone era.’ This paper won the honor of Top Paper in the Communication Education Interest Group. Although Dr. Thompson has won various Top Paper Panels, this was his first year winning Top Paper.

Dr. Jerome is also a member of CSCA and attended the conference this year as well. Her paper ‘Employing charges of absurdity and ridicule to compel change: The case of the NCAA’s losing hand’ won the Karlyn Kohrs Campbell Top Paper Award for the Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Interest Group. She also served as the Chair of Public Relations of the interest group.

Dr. Jerome and Dr. Thompson also participated in other panels throughout the weekend conference.

Dr. Kong with Ms. Minh Dao, (who is a recent graduate in the Department of Communication), were chosen for Top Paper Panel for Intercultural Communication Interest Group. Top Paper Panel means they placed in the top four for the interest group. Ms. Minh Dao and Dr. Kong’s paper ‘Assessing student convergence with internationalization: The case of Western Kentucky University’ researched and analyzed the university’s approach to integrating internationalization efforts and its success with international students.

Winning Top Paper and Top Paper Panel are achievements on their own, but they also included a monetary award as well as the opportunity to discuss their key findings and research at specific panels during the conference.

It is wonderful to see the successes that come from within the department. Congratulations to Dr. Thompson, Dr. Jerome, Dr. Kong & Minh Dao!


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