Get a “JUMP” on Your Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication

Hilltopper Nation! Are you interested in completing your Master’s Degree? If so, what if you could concurrently complete your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years? Got your attention yet? Good!

The Department of Communication offers a Joint Undergraduate-Master’s Degree Program in Organizational Communication, better known as the JUMP program. Students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies or Corporate and Organizational Communication program, having completed of at least 60 hours and no more than 96 hours, and having a cumulative GPA of 3.50, are eligible for this program. If you’re a Hilltopper who meets these criteria, you will be notified by an adviser or professor that you are eligible to get a JUMP on your master’s degree

After being notified that you are eligible for participating in the JUMP program the next step is to meet with Dr. Angie Jerome (Director of the Communication Master’s program) to develop a specific program of study that best fits you. You will also sign a Statement of Intent with the Department of Communication. Once enrolled the JUMP program students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all graduate coursework. Additionally, students must maintain a 3.25 GPA in their undergraduate Communication coursework to remain in good standing.

Students may apply the following courses to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees with no more than 12 hours counting toward both:

¨ COMM 523 Health Communication

¨ COMM 526 Family Communication

¨ COMM 544 Persuasive Communication

¨ COMM 546 Processes of Group Communication

¨ COMM 547 Organizational Communication Theory

¨ COMM 571 Organizational Communication in the Digital Age

¨ COMM 578 Seminar in Interpersonal Communication

¨ COMM 587 Communication in Intercultural Negotiation and Mediation

Even though the JUMP program is new to WKU campus, the good news is spreading quickly. The first two students to enroll in the Communication JUMP program were Michaela Ash and Maggie Shelton. One of JUMP’s students, Maggie Shelton, states, “I love the JUMP program because it gives me the opportunity to begin to pursue my career while I am still in college. Not only is it financially beneficial, but it keeps me on track to complete a Master’s degree by May of 2017. In addition, is has given me the opportunity to interact with grad students who have had work experience.” She also mentioned that by enrolling in classes through the JUMP Program you are in smaller classes which allow more discussions and interactions with fellow classmates and a personal relationship with professors.

If you are interested in graduating with your master’s degree in Organizational Communication through a five year plan, the JUMP program is perfect for you. For further information contact Mr. Bruce Crawley or Dr. Angela Jerome to have your questions answered or to express your interest in joining the JUMP program.


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