Diana Vela Leads at WKU

diana_velaGraduating senior Diana Vela majored in Corporate and Organizational minored in Exposition Planning. But that only scratches the surface of Ms. Vela’s accomplishments.

Ms. Vela is a Communication Ambassador, a member of Lambda Pi Eta, and the Employer Relation’s Intern at the Center for Career and Professional Development.  She has completed Phase One and Two of the Dynamic Leadership Institute and has held several positions within her sorority, Sigma Kappa.  She has also served in several other intern positions both in Bowling Green and her hometown, Louisville. Ms. Vela stated “I think its important for students to get involved in internships while attending WKU because life after graduation depends on the networking you did while in college. A lot of successful people received their first job because of an internship that they had or an organization that they were a part of. Being involved also allows students to apply the skills that they learn inside the classroom to real-life, professional, situations.”

Ms. Vela has also been active in the community through volunteer work.  This includes participating in the Alzheimer’s Walk every year while at WKU, as well as being involved with other activities such as Up Til ‘Dawn. Up Til’ Dawn is an event held annually at WKU that raises money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. At this event students stay up all night and participate in fun activities such as dance offs and friendly competitions.


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