Student Athlete Spotlight

paige_drazgaWKU senior Ms. Paige Drazga is finishing a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and minors in Marketing as well as Media & Convention Management. She is not a typical student. She has been swimming for WKU since August of 2011. She competes in the 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, and 100 butterfly; but her favorite is the 50 freestyle because it is the shortest.

Born and raised in South Lyon, Michigan, Ms. Drazga has one brother. She started swimming competitively when she was only 7 years old. Ms. Drazga continued swimming during middle school and high school, and continued to excel in and outside of the pool.

Like many, when it was time to declare a major Ms. Drazga wasn’t quite sure about her career plans. So she decided she would major in Communication Studies because she would enjoy interacting with people. In addition, this major pairs well with minors in Marketing and Media & Convention Management. When I asked Paige if she felt her major in the Department of Communication affected her as a swimmer she was quick to say yes. She continued, “I feel it impacts my everyday life, because what I learn helps me to understand how and why people communicate with each other, and with me.”

Ms. Drazga’s plan, after graduation, is to become an event planner for either a corporation like Speedo, Under Armor or Nike; or a specific event planning company; her dream company would be Total Event Productions in Atlanta, GA.


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