Christina Abney Puts Skill to Work

Christina AbneyThe Department of Communication gives graduates the power to succeed and prosper while working any career. Ms. Christina Abney is an alumnus of Western Kentucky University who graduated in May 2014. She double majored in Corporate and Organizational Communication and Spanish. Currently she is working as the Account Development Manager for Pretty Incredible Communications in Jeffersonville, Indiana. She absolutely loves every minute of it.

Maintaining and growing assigned accounts through customer service and project coordination encourages the fulfillment of tasks. Christina has been trained at her job and has accomplished so much in just a few short months, and she repeatedly says how the Department of Communication has helped her excel to where she currently is in her career and in her life.

Ms. Abney believes every individual should master communication skills in the interpersonal, group, organizational, and public settings, which is exactly what her professors in the Department of Communication taught her. She communicates efficiently and effectively in a team-based setting in order to work hands on in any situation, while also forming great personal and professional relationships along the way. By working closely with her manager, she grows sales of existing accounts, while her manger pursues new accounts for the future. This provides her with the guidance to excel, while also developing respectful relationships built on trust, teamwork, and leadership. Ms. Abney is a wonderful advocate for the Department of Communication who strongly believes communication positively enhances and develops every individual.

Ms. Abney believes communication is the foundation for any job. She has to be able to sell both her company and herself in order to succeed when interacting with all assigned accounts. She uses her knowledge of all forms of communication through face-to-face, email, and phone conversations with clients. Learning how to communicate in multiple ways and with various types of individuals while in college has shaped her into the strong, independent communicator she is now. Christina believes she is an integral part in the ongoing development at Pretty Incredible Communications, which makes her feel that she is making a difference.


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