Dr. Mize Smith’s Fall 2014 Sabbatical

Dr. Mize Smith, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, took a sabbatical in the fall semester to work on research. With lots of extra time to work, Mize Smith completed a variety of tasks. Dr. Mize Smith appreciated the sabbatical for uninterrupted time to collect data and will finish writing the projects while teaching classes in a regular and during the summer.

First on the to-do list for Dr. Mize Smith was finishing writing, compiling and editing a book with co-editor Dr. Michael Kramer at the University of Oklahoma. The book, Case Studies of Nonprofit Organizations and Volunteers, is being published by Peter Lang Publishing and will likely be published in time for Fall 2015 classes.

Dr. Mize Smith’s next project was to collect new data for upcoming research projects. Although she initially had a different plan for research, last February when the sinkhole emerged at the Corvette Museum, she realized this chance occurrence offered an amazing opportunity for study. Dr. Mize Smith will use the data to explore into non-profit organizations, leadership, and crisis communication. She spent the summer and fall attending events and conducting interviews at the Corvette Museum. Dr. Mize Smith hopes to use this new data to publish two or three different research papers.

Dr. Mize Smith’s final sabbatical project was finishing a variety of research she had in the works. She submitted five manuscripts to journals that are now under review for publication. Though she missed seeing faculty and students in the Department of Communication every day, she loved the experience of focusing more on the research aspect of her job. Further, her sabbatical work was also beneficial to students and the department as a whole. Two of the projects Dr. Mize Smith finished were with former students. Her published work not only features Dr. Mize Smith’s name, but the university she represents.




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