Dr. Carl L. Kell Retires After 43 Years of Service

dr. kellDr. Carl Kell started his career in the Department of Communication at WKU in 1972. Within Dr. Kell’s 43 years on the Hill he has done the extraordinary with his area of research, which focuses on rhetorical/historical and critical issues in the Southern Baptist Church. From his research he has published five books: The Exiled Generation, Against the Wind, In the Name of the Father, Exiled, and one novel, On Sacred Ground. For his publications, Dr. Kell received the Religious Communication of the Year Award from the Religious Communication Association. He was also rewarded for excellence in research and the Southern Communication Association chose him as the national winner of its 75th anniversary design award. Kell has published two communication books Let’s Talk about Business: Improving Communication Skills, and Fundamentals of Improving Group Communication Skills.

Dr. Kell has founded the WKU Spirit Masters group in 1980 and has served as its advisor for 22 years. Spirit Masters is a group of select students who represent WKU at public events. In 2007, President Ransdell presented him the President’s Spirit of Western Award. Dr. Kell has been honored by three Greek groups and in 2003 and he received the Potter College Award for Public Service. In 2015, Spirit Masters named their room in DSU after Dr. Kell. Dr. Larry Snyder, Associate Dean of Potter College and Letters said, “Spirit Masters has certainly become an important and unique feature of the WKU experience for dozens of students. Dr. Kell has helped to make this a very special place for students to study and colleagues to work.”

Dr. Carl Kell graduated with Ph.D. in Speech Communication from Kansas University in 1971. From the early stages of his college life, he knew he wanted to be a college professor and from his above achievements he made an excellent choice. Dr. Carl Kell has not only been successful in his own life, but has also helped students succeed in their lives through his courses. One of his main courses that have helped prepare students for success after graduation is COMM 489 which is an internship course. The first question he ask his students when helping them find an internship is, “What is something fun you would like to do and get paid for”? He strives to help the student find an internship matching their responses. Dr. Carl Kell will be greatly missed by everyone in the Department of Communication.

Some wisdom Dr. Kell wanted to leave behind is this, “The last line in My Fair Lady was there is a difference between a lady and a flower girl; it is not who she is, but how she is treated. People will remember how you treat them.”



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