WKU Students Study Communication in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Want to earn 3 hours WKU credit for studying COMM 263: Fundamentals of Communication and Culture, in Argentina? That is exactly what WKU students accomplished, Summer 2015. What better way to learn about another culture than to live and study in a foreign country? WKU students were immersed in Argentine culture by living with Argentine host families and by engaging in many cultural activities including:   Mate’ (Argentine tea), Argentine Tango, Spanish Conversation Club, cooking class and the famous Teatro Colon (theatre). They also experienced the amazing Iguazu’ Falls near the Brazilian border, the jungle, Guarani aborigines, a working Argentine farm, a Gaucho ranch, and delicious asados (barbeques).

COMM 263 focuses on helping students develop intercultural communication skills and effectively adapt in a contemporary world that is becoming increasing culturally diverse. The course fulfills a Colonnade requirement in the category of Social & Cultural. Summer 2016, WKU will partner with *Sol Education to offer the “Go Argentina WKU Faculty-Led Study Abroad” program, again. The dates of the upcoming program are June 4th-24th, 2016. Application deadline for the program is February 15th, 2016. Apply now at www.wku.edu/go/argentina. (Spaces are limited.)

*Sol Education was elected the #1 Study Abroad Program in the United States.   Read about the accolades at www.soleducation.com/2015awards.



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