Dream Jobs of Senior Communication Majors

The knowledge and skills developed while pursuing a degree in Communication allow students to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields. Even more importantly, with this knowledge students can be confident that they will be successful upon graduation, and can have the courage to go after the jobs of their dreams. Three students, soon to be on the job market, shared their dream jobs.

James Martin, a double major in both Communication Studies and Religious Studies, graduated in December, 2015. His dream job is to become an international missionary, a dream he has had since he was 19 years old. This job involves sharing the gospel, making disciples and planting churches in a cross-cultural context. James mentioned that he wants to do more than simply be a Christian, and he has been on short and mid-term mission trips both nationally and internationally. When asked why this was his calling and how he has prepared to achieve his dream, he responded, “I have lived my entire life overseas, I daily spend time in the Bible seeking God’s will and direction for His calling, and I make an effort to live the life of a missionary here in America because all Christians are called to make disciples, no matter where they live.”

Meredith Chinn, who will be graduating in May, 2016 from the Corporate and Organizational Communication program, is interested in pharmaceutical sales. According to Meredith, sales representatives educate physicians and other medication-prescribing professionals on new developments in the rapidly advancing pharmaceutical industry. She learned about this job originally from her mother, and she seriously started thinking about it as a potential career path this past summer. She has begun to prepare herself for her dream job by placing herself in challenging situations, practicing her interview skills, and she has started looking into applying for sales positions.

Karen Powell, who will be also graduating in May, 2016 from the Corporate and Organizational Communication program, has a very specific dream job. Her dream is to be the Vice President of Recruiting for a large company. Responsibilities of this position include planning and directing an organization’s employment and recruiting programs, policies, and objectives in order to achieve optimal staffing levels. She explained that she would love to develop and administer recruitment strategies that meet organizational needs and be responsible for overall recruiting, hiring, and onboarding of employees. Karen is currently looking at entry-level recruiting jobs in the surrounding metropolitan areas.

All of these students agree about the significance of communication in their dream jobs. For example, James said that communication will enable him to present the gospel to a variety of people more effectively and clearly by listening to and understanding their needs. Meredith mentioned that her major has given her the confidence to speak and present herself professionally, and has allowed her to build relationships with several different professors and other colleagues from a variety of career paths. Karen explained that having a Communication degree makes students very marketable in almost any field, and being successful in the recruiting field is entirely reliant upon one’s communication and selling skills. Additionally, each student stated that they are confident in their communication skills that they have developed throughout their curriculums.

Clearly, the job opportunities with a Communication degree are endless, and the educational achievements that these students have reached, and are continuing to reach, through the Communication program have instilled in them the skill set they need to walk confidently on graduation day.



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