Long-distance WKU Student Overcomes Big Challenges

Two years ago, Rebecca Whaley moved to Florida, with hours to go toward her major and graduation, thinking she might never finish. Last night, she was inducted into our Communication honors society, Lambda Pi Eta, via FaceTime. In May, she will come back to walk at graduation. She wrote to Dr. Sterk, “Two years ago it seemed impossible and I wanted to give up. Tonight when you honored me, I had to hold back the tears. THANK YOU.”


A mom with two children, Rebecca worked tenaciously with our advisor, Prof. Bruce Crawley, to find ways to finish. Prof. Crawley researched schools near her in Florida to find transfer courses, conferred over the phone with some of those schools, and developed strategies for Rebecca to complete courses she only could do at WKU, such as Advanced Public Speaking and Capstone.

One strategy was to FaceTime Advanced Public Speaking with Dr. Winn. Emeritus faculty member, Dr. Winn sent her his annotated PowerPoints for the content and she recorded her speeches for him to grade. In between, they connected on FaceTime and phone. One day, when the connections didn’t work smoothly, Rebecca called Dr. Winn’s wife and sent her speech via Dr. Winn’s wife’s phone.


This semester, Rebecca took Capstone every Tuesday afternoon with Dr. Sterk via FaceTime and completed her assignments via email. Yesterday, she gave her persuasive speech from her home in Florida.

The Department of Communication graduates its students. We care about you and your future!





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