Looking for an Internship?

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Internships benefit students because they provide “real world” experiences and opportunities. Internships can boost a resume and make you look better to future employers. For Corporate and Organizational Communication majors, completing an internship is a requirement for graduation; for Communication Studies majors, it can stand in for Capstone. Here are several great internship opportunities in Bowling Green.

Lost River Cave

This past summer, Afton Connor, a senior in the Department of Communication, completed an internship at Lost River Cave. She was responsible for handling the marketing and social media accounts. While interning, her biggest project was to coordinate the organization’s annual fundraising event, the “Scarecrow Trail.” In order to plan this event, she had to contact different businesses and organizations to try to get them to donate to or to participate in this event. From her internship, she says that she gained experience in event planning, marketing, communication, sales, and customer service. Afton stated that she would love to work for this organization or a similar non-profit organization in the future because, “I love the mission and passion behind a non-profit. The only downfall is that there is not a lot of money in these areas of work, but at least the people love what they do.” When asked if she had any advice for students who may be interested in interning at Lost River Cave, Afton says “You need to be passionate about the organization and the mission behind it. This position is an unpaid internship, therefore, it is crucial for you to love what you are doing.” She also added that it is a great internship for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in sales, marketing or public relations.


WKU student Ashlee Gregory recently interned for an organization called AroundCampus. As an intern for this organization, Ashlee was responsible for calling other businesses and organizations to ask if they would be interested in ad space for the WKU student planner. She was also responsible for helping put together the ads into the WKU student planner that is given away free from the Preston Center each year. When asked what she learned from this experience, Ashlee says “I learned how to get told “no” over and over again and still push through the day. I also learned that you have to be persistent in order to get sales.” Ashlee says that she would possibly consider working for a similar organization in the future. The ability to be able to cold call effectively and persevere if businesses tell you ‘no’ are skills that would be needed if you are interested in this internship.

Corvette Plant

The Corvette Plant is seeking interns who are deadline dependable, flexible, creative, and able to work in a very fast paced environment. The Corvette Plant has many internship opportunities available in the areas of Communications, Human Resources, Safety, and many more. Interns are responsible for doing a variety of jobs, one of which is leading tours through the plant. In order to be considered as an intern at the Corvette Plant, students must be available to work at least 11 hours a week, be available to meet a minimum of 4 tour times, and be fluent in English. For people specifically interested in a Communication internship, responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: writing and distributing the weekly newsletter to the plant, giving tours, designing banners and décor to boost plant enthusiasm, organizing and assisting with special events, and updating the plant website. Overall, interns need to be always ready and willing to work with various members of the plant leadership on all types of projects.

For additional information on internships in the Bowling Green area, contact Dr. Mize-Smith at jennifer.mize.smith@wku.edu for fall and spring internships, and Dr. Helen Sterk at helen.sterk@wku.edu for summer internships


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