2016 John Lyne Speech Contest


Dr. Gary Hughes was the contest director for this year’s 2016 John Lyne Speech Contest held at WKU Glasgow Campus. On May 7, 2016, forty competitors presented persuasive speeches prepared in their COMM 145 or “Business” COMM 145 courses. A first rate set of judges, including coaches from the world and national champion WKU Forensic team, evaluated and ranked the first and second round of speeches. Celebrity judges Drs. John Lyne (Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, department alumnus and award donor), Barbara Burch (Provost Emeritus & Faculty Regent), Lawrence Snyder (Dean, Potter College of Arts & Letters), Helen Sterk (head, Department of Communication), and Blair Thompson (Associate Professor/Former Basic Course Director, Dept. of Communication) chose the winners.

Representing the best speeches in COMM 145 were:
First place – Victoria Taylor. Instructor: Donna Schiess
Second place – Colby Clark. Instructor: Tyler Rife
Third place – Paul “Francis” Wilson. Instructor: Donna Schiess

Representing the best speeches in “Business” COMM 145 were:
First place – Ben Carroll.  Instructor: Bruce Crawley
Second place – Brent Beard. Instructor: Gayle Allison
Third place – Jackson Bennett. Instructor: Jessica McClanahan

John Lyne Awards of Excellence were given to winners; first place winners received $200.00 each. Second and third place winners were awarded $100.00 and $50.00 respectively. Congratulations John Lyne Speech Contest winners!

Photo Credit: Dr. Gary Hughes


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