Supporting Students Outside of Class


Most of us are aware that pubic speaking ranks as a top fear for many people, even scarier than death.  Given this, it no surprise that many incoming freshman experience some anxiety when signing up for the basic communication course.  In order to assist students outside of the classroom, the Department of Communication offers workshops to assist any student interested in the basic course, COMM 145.

These workshop sessions are geared toward specific areas in communication, such as preparing introductions, conclusions, citations, outlining, and research ideas. These workshops also offer assistance to students who are struggling with public speaking anxiety.  Typically, these sessions last about an hour, and are open to any student struggling in these particular areas.

Workshops are conducted by full-time and adjunct faculty members.  Dr. Gary Hughes, the Basic Course Director recently conducted a workshop on “Introductions and Conclusions.” According to Dr. Hughes, “Students appreciate these workshops and seem enthusiastic to receive extra assistance.”

Plans are in the works for the Fall 2016 workshops.  If any student is interested in this opportunity, or have any questions about these workshops please contact the Department of Communication.



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