Something to JUMP About

The Department of Communication is pleased to announce the first graduate of the Joint Undergraduate and Graduate Program (JUMP).  Michaela Ash is finishing up her program and will graduate this summer.  The JUMP program allows students to finish their bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously.

Michaela Ash

Michaela will complete a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication and Bachelor’s degrees in Communication Studies and Agriculture in August, 2016. As an undergraduate she was involved with Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Honors Society and Block and Bridle though the Agriculture Department. Her interest in Communication was first piqued in Ms. Stacy Gish’s COMM 145, the introductory communication course required for all students.  Ms. Gish encouraged her to join the communication field because of the talent she displayed in the class.  She joined the JUMP program to set herself apart from others in the workforce, and she appreciated the opportunity to finish both of her degrees within five years.  After graduation, Michaela plans to work in public relations and marketing.


Dr. Angela Jerome

Dr. Angela Jerome, Associate Professor and the Graduate Program Coordinator has worked closely with Michaela co-authoring papers and recently presented at the International Conference for Crisis and Risk Communication in Orlando, Florida.  According to Dr. Jerome, “Michaela is a prime example of the quality students we have in our undergraduate and graduate programs.”  Michaela’s advice for students is simply, “Don’t second guess yourself.”

Students who are interested in the JUMP program should contact Dr. Jerome or Mr. Crawley.  We are pleased to have new students joining the program each semester!



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