Cool Internships

The Department of Communication here at Western Kentucky University prides themselves on giving students the tools to be successful upon graduation, one of those tools being the internship program. Two students decided to share their internship experience to encourage students and alumni to get involved.

Intern Spotlight

Name: Maggie Shelton

Internship Site: WKU Student
Activities Office


How has your internship shaped your career goals?

I coordinated many different leadership opportunities through the WKU Student Activities office. I am passionate about student development and making the college experience better for undergraduate students. Through my internship I was able to help coordinate IFC recruitment, the WKU Leadership Conference, Panhellenic recruitment and Greek Leadership Symposium. I was also able to plan and implement WKU’s week long leadership retreat for 60 of WKU’s top leaders, LeaderShape and the weekend freshman retreat, Weekend in the Woods.

What did you gain?

This position provided me with a realistic preview of what a job in Student Affairs can offer.  My internship experience has helped me to land another internship at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island during the summer of 2016.  These experiences will help make me more marketable in the field of Higher Education.

What’s next for Maggie?

Next year I will be working for Phi Mu Fraternity as a National Leadership Consultant; I will travel across the country visiting different Phi Mu chapters assisting with recruitment and retention efforts and leadership development.

Intern Spotlight

Name: Sydney Bickett

Internship Site: WKU Human Resources Office


What do you do as intern for WKU Human Resources?

I create and run the Top Life Wellness program’s social media sites i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. I have also assisted with the planning of WKU’s Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day which is in April. Those are the two main projects I spent my time on, but I also do tasks like making new employee packets or formatting the employee exit interviews.


What are you liking so far about the internship?


The HR department has been an amazing location to do my internship.  The staff are great and very welcoming; working here has really allowed me to put the communication skills I’ve spent years learning to the test. I also enjoy having the freedom determine the best way to complete projects.  Also being on campus is a big perk. It has truly been a great experience.


Benefits to Offering an Internship Program 


  1. Find future employees
  2. Test-drive the talent
  3. Increase productivity
  4. Increase employee-retention rate
  5. Enhance perspective
  6. Take advantage of low-cost labor
  7. Find free-of-charge
  8. Give back to the community
  9. Support students
  10. Benefit your organization


How can alumni get involved with the Department of
Communication Internship program?


We are always looking for internship opportunities for our Communication majors.  If you would like to work with us in placing students, please contact Dr. Mize-Smith, Department of Communication Internship Coordinator at Jennifer..mize.



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