Staying Connected — #WKUCOMM


Social media is taking the world by storm, and the WKU Department of Communication is keeping you in the loop. Taking advantage of nearly every social media platform available, the Department of Communication can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, LinkedIn, Tumblr and YouTube. The variety of platforms allows for alumni, current students, and prospective students to stay connected with the department at their convenience.

The Twitter and Instagram pages are linked—meaning what is posted to Instagram is also shared on the department’s Twitter feed.  This allows for users to follow the department on the social media platform of their preference, and not miss out on any information. Arguably, the two most intriguing social media accounts for the department are the YouTube and Pinterest pages. There you will see our students in action, on and off campus, through various videos and photos. It is safe to say no matter which social media account you are following (all of them, we hope!) you are able to experience all that the department has to offer, right at your fingertips.

WKU senior and Corporate and Organizational Communication major, Allan Moreno, praised the Department of Communication’s twitter stating “[it] offers the opportunity for the department to shine light on special events, and most importantly helps myself and other students to feel a part of the community within the department.” Social media is not only a great tool for getting content to the alumni, students and staff whom are always on-the-go; but it also creates and maintains a community within the Department of Communication.
Be the first to know what’s happening in the Department of Communication by following along on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @WKUDeptofComm. Follow, like, or hashtag #WKUComm to help spread the word about the great things going on in the Department of Communication!



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