Communication Organization for Graduate Students (COGS)

The Communication Organization for Graduate Students (COGS) is an organization that helps support graduate students through the course of their studies at WKU. We help Organizational Communication students build relationships with their fellow classmates and hold fun events to celebrate our successes. At the end of every semester COGS hosts a small get together for all graduate students to do just that! The end of semester get together has been a great way for graduate students to de-stress and talk about the challenges and successes they’ve experienced over the course of the semester.


Last semester COGS made an active effort to raise money for the end the year shindig for stress relief. We raised $150 and every bit went back to supporting our amazing graduate students. COGS raised enough funds to celebrate the end of the semester with a trip to Mariah’s!

COGS members are busy scholars, too! Daniel Chick and Jessica Cherry went to Central States Communication Association conference, presenting several papers on behalf of the Department of Communication, WKU, and themselves. While we, as a group, do like to have fun we also know how to get down to business and put out some great work.

Finally, COGS would like to offer a big congratulation to all graduate students graduating this spring! Congratulations to ChuChu Xie, Lindsey White, Giang Vo, Mattie Russell, Tyler Rife, Myeongok Lee, Zilai Jia, Derek Irvin, Daniel Chick, and Jessica Cherry! We made it! COGS would also like to congratulate Michaela Ash on her summer graduation!



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