The Spotlight Settles on Paige

Paige Settles is a 22 year old senior at Western Kentucky University double majoring in Communication and Political Science. Ms. Settles has set a great example for every student on campus through the prestigious awards she has received, the effort that she has put into the Student Government Association (SGA), and her scholarship for the national award winning forensics team.

Last year Ms. Settles received the Outstanding Undergraduate Student award from the Department of Communication, and this year she received the department’s Undergraduate Research Award. While on the forensics team, she has been a part of four national championship teams, an international championship team, and has won one individual national championship in impromptu speaking at the 2015 National Forensics Association (NFA) national tournament.

Paige Settles

“I love being on the forensics team because it gives me the opportunity to travel all over the country, meet new people from all over the country, and constantly be learning fascinating things.” During her sophomore year on the team she had the opportunity to travel to Paris, France to compete in the International Forensics Association tournament where she was fortunate enough to win the international championship title. Ms. Settles said, “The experience of traveling to Paris was even more amazing than the tournament. We visited historic sites, ate French food, and got to experience a beautiful culture.” She has also had the honor of serving for the past two years as one of two student representatives on the National Forensics Association (NFA) national council. Ms. Settles explained by saying, “It has given me such a unique insight into how the organization works.”

In addition to her awards, Paige Settles is an active member of the Student Government Association (SGA) where she serves as Speaker of the Senate. “As Speaker of the Senate, I chair the Senate meetings each Tuesday, coordinate with each of the senate committees, and set the agenda for each Senate meeting.”

When asked how she handles her busy load, she stressed her reliance on a well-planned calendar, “It’s definitely a lot to juggle. It would be impossible if I didn’t keep a calendar that planned out every minute of my day, but doing so much has taught me that you can pack a lot into a day if you plan and schedule it carefully.”  She also expressed enthusiasm for online classes, and that they are great because they give a lot of flexibility. “I love going to a university that has small class sizes, a vibrant honors college, and a focus on undergraduate research. I feel like I have had so many more opportunities here than I would have at another university.”

The Department of Communication is proud of Paige and wish her the best of luck as she pursues graduate school.  We’re excited to see where life takes her next!



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