Presidential-Candidate Tim Caboni: Connected to Communication at WKU

What is the connection between WKU’s preferred Presidential candidate Tim Caboni and WKU’s Department of Communication? 

Dr. Tim Caboni

In 1994, Dr. Caboni earned a MA in Organizational Communication from WKU! Coming to WKU from Louisiana State University with a BA in Speech Communication and Rhetoric, Dr. Caboni chose WKU for his MA. From here, he went to Vanderbilt University to earn his PhD in Higher Education Leadership and Policy.

Dr. Caboni’s skill set grew in each different job he held in higher education—marketing, account executive, graphic designer, teaching, promotion to associate and full professor, deaning and most recently, serving as Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs at the University of Kansas.

Staff alums—mark your calendar for Thursday, Jan. 26. At 9:30, join us in greeting Dr. Caboni in the name of Communication, at the staff meet-and-greet in DSU 3002-3007.

Students—it’s your turn as well to welcome Dr. Caboni in the name of Communication, at the student meet-and-greet at 11:30 in DSU 3002-3007.

Faculty—then it’s your turn—3:00 pm in DSU 3002-3007.

Let’s give Dr. Caboni a strong Communication welcome! Helen Sterk


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