WKU Communication Department Awards, Accomplishments & Acheivements: Message from Dr. Jerome

Hey everyone,

I just finished the first draft of our MA Academic Program Review. If the data I have is complete (Dr. Sterk and I believe it is thanks to the tireless efforts of faculty, staff, grad students current and former, and student workers), these are our outcomes:

Since 2011, WKU COMM grad faculty (a small, but mighty crew) have published 1 academic book, 2 edited books,1 scholarly textbook (in App form), 33 academic journal articles, 11 scholarly book chapters, and 4 academic encyclopedia entries. Ten of these publications were co-authored with grad students; one grad student has a solo-authored publication. Five faculty hold/have held significant leadership positions in state, regional, or national associations, one serves as the editor of the Kentucky Communication Journal, and 6 serve/have served on one or more journal editorial boards.

Our students have presented 56 papers at state, regional, national, or international conferences. Of those, 35 were sole-authored pieces largely based on work generated in graduate courses; 19 were co-authored with at least one WKU faculty member.


Further, faculty have been awarded 7 top paper awards, 11 Top paper panel honors, and 4 top panel honors in peer-reviewed
competitions at regional and national conferences. Students have won 8 top paper awards and sat on 8 top paper panels in peer-reviewed competitions at state, regional, and national conferences
Additionally, 7 students have been admitted to top COMM doctoral programs since 2011, one is pursuing an EdD at WKU, and one has been accepted to two programs to pursue advanced study in east Asian languages.

Last, of the 50 graduates (out of 60) on which we have employment data, all have cool, often unique jobs, and several are high-level administrators.


~Dr. Angela Jerome



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