Bob Layne, Executive in Residence, Visits The Hill in October ’16

Last October, Mr. Layne returned to the Hill as the Department of Communication’s Executive in Residence. During his visit, he spoke to several Communication classes, as well as held a campus-wide discussion open for anyone to attend. He explained to students just how valuable a degree in Communication can be, and exactly how to market themselves in a way that highlights this strength as a versatile yet transferable skill. He summed up his discussion with the word “options.” This term describes exactly what a degree in communication provides.bob_layne.png

Bob Layne, an alumnus of WKU, graduated in the first class of students awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate and Organizational Communication. He then went on to study law, and is licensed to practice in Tennessee and Washington D.C. Soon after, he found his way to Dollar General Corporation where he spent more than 10 years as an executive officer managing many functions. Fast forward to 2016, Mr. Layne, the current President and CEO of the Visibility Company, spends his time traveling and aiding companies all over the globe with their marketing, communication, and technology development needs.  Here is a link to his speech: you_more_ attractive_to_ employers.pdf

When asked what advice he would give to young seniors, Mr. Layne advised them to be confident. Confidence is an attractive trait, and with it, students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed and conquer.

~ Brittany Holley, Student


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