JUMP Right In!

The JUMP program provides many benefits and advantages to the students who are accepted. These students are able to receive both their Bachelor and Master degrees in a total of five years, rather than having to go the average six. Also, this program allows undergraduate students into graduate classes, which exposes them to smaller classes that are much more advanced. Having this type of experience allows the students to learn more in-depth knowledge from those who have already completed a degree in the field they are studying.

        Dr. Angela Jerome,        Graduate Advisor

     The Department of Communication continues another successful year of the Joint Undergraduate and Graduate Program (JUMP). The JUMP program consists of highly motivated and intelligent students who strive to complete a graduate and undergraduate degree simultaneously.

These students must be accepted into the program and to do so, they must first pass the requirements that the department and JUMP program have set. These requirements include maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.50, the recommendation of a faculty member or advisor, completion of at least 60 hours, and submission of an academic writing sample.

Associate Professor Angela Jerome, Ph.D., Graduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Communication, also serves as JUMP’s advisor and recruiter. Dr. Jerome explains, “JUMP program candidates are chosen carefully through students I may have had or referrals from other professors. As a recruiter, I look for students who are strong writers, committed to doing research, and who enjoy participating in class discussion.” Other than referrals, the JUMP program is also promoted to students through Western Kentucky University’s website. On the website, students are able to access the requirements for admission, the application process, benefits of the program, and more.

For more information about the JUMP program, contact Dr. Jerome at angela.jerome@wku.edu, or visit the website at www.wku.edu/communication/jump_program/jump_program.php.

~Kenzie Garrett , Student



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