Conferences Bring Students, Faculty Together in Partnership (9/2016)

This year, there were many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in the department to present their research. Working together on    research and presentations, students and faculty are able to stretch their horizons and learn new things from each other. Professor Holly Payne, Ph.D., described the working process as beneficial for both parties. She added that working with students allowed her to “learn new things within the field and keep [her] up to date.” Assistant Professor Jieyoung Kong, Ph.D., agreed. Dr. Kong explained that working with students encouraged her to work outside of her preferred methodology and learn new areas as well.  Both Drs. Payne and Kong said that they enjoy working with students on  research projects and hope to see those opportunities grow, especially among undergraduate students.

taylor hillard.png
Honors Undergraduate student Taylor Hilalrd presents at the Kentucky Communication Assoication Conference, September 2016

Faculty from the Department of Communication routinely participate in annual conferences. Conferences such as the National Communication Association and Kentucky Communication Association are great ways to receive recognition for the work done within the department, but they also offer valuable opportunities for Communication students.

Currently, undergraduates have three available ways to participate in conferences. Students who write a quality research paper in class, honors students, and those who receive Faculty-Undergraduate Student Engagement (FUSE) grants can conduct research and submit their papers for presentation at state, regional, and national conferences. Graduate students also have many opportunities to research, write, and present their work. We look forward to seeing our faculty and students continuing to work together, to be on the cutting edge of the field!

~ Cody Pruitt, Student



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