Undergraduate Students Taking Advantage of the JUMP Program

The Department of Communication currently has three students in the Joint Undergraduate and Graduate Program (JUMP); two earning an M.A. in Organizational Communication and one in Religious Studies, with one more joining them this spring. The JUMP program enables students to earn a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree simultaneously.


Kristen Evans from Paducah, Kentucky will complete her undergraduate degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication in spring of 2018 and graduate with her Master’s degree in Organizational Communication in spring of 2019. Ms. Evans is an active member of Alpha Delta Pi, a member of Young Americans for Freedom club, and will be studying abroad at Harlaxton College in England in spring of 2017. Ms. Evans states, “I am undecided at this point about my future career path, but as the years come with new experiences, I plan to follow God’s direction for my life and end up in the career best suited for me.”

kristen evans
Kristen Evans

Cathryn Ellis will be completing her JUMP program in 2018.  This year, she is taking a mix of undergraduate and graduate courses, including Dr. Sterk’s seminar in Human Communication: Gender & Communication and is supporting Dr. Thompson’s work as CSCA conference planner.


Rachel Cato from Woodburn, Kentucky is currently enrolled in the JUMP program to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies and Religious Studies and a Master of Arts in Religious Studies in May 2018. She is involved in a variety of activities at Western Kentucky University such as:

¨ Communication Ambassadors
¨ Lambda Pi Eta, a Communication Honors Society (Vice President)
¨ Theta Alpha Kappa Honors Society for Theology and Religion (Vice President)
¨ Potter College of Arts and Letters (PCAL) Magazine Advisory Board
¨ PCAL Student Complaint Committee
¨ interCULTURAL Club
¨ Communication Success Center (tutor)
¨ student worker in the Department of Communication office

Ms. Cato states, “My career path is to become a professor of Religious Studies.” Ms. Cato believes that pursuing her education is the most important thing in preparing for her career and is confident that the JUMP program is perfect to help her reach her goal.


Cato and Evans both love that the Department of Communication has this opportunity because it is allowing them to complete their Master’s degree faster, while saving money.

Emily Mynatt is from Nashville, Tennessee. Her undergraduate major is Corporate and Organizational Communication, and her graduate program of study is Organizational Communication. Her favorite undergraduate classes were COMM 362 and COMM 462 (Organizational Communication and Advanced Organizational Communication). Currently, she is enrolled in COMM 520 (Communication in the Nonprofit Sector) and COMM 566 (Corporate and Organizational Advocacy), and she is enjoying both of them. Emily decided to enter the JUMP program because she finished the required classes for her major in the fall semester of her junior year, but did not have 120 hours to graduate. This way, Emily can work towards a master’s degree while still fulfilling the requirements of her undergraduate degree.  Last semester Emily interned for the WKU HR department, and continues as their student worker this semester. Upon graduation, Emily wants to pursue a career in Human Resources.


For more information about the JUMP program, contact Dr. Angela Jerome, the Communication Graduate Director, at angela.jerome@wku.edu, or see the departmental JUMP webpage at www.wku.edu/communication/jump_program/jump_program.php.

~Nicholas Meadows, Student



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