Kentucky Communication Association (KCA) Leadership

The Western Kentucky University Department of Communication professors are rocking the house with the Kentucky Communication Association (KCA). Gary Hughes, Ph.D., Helen Sterk, Ph.D., and Holly Payne, Ph.D. all serve on the Executive Council for the 2016-2017 year.

KCA Journal Editor, Dr. Holly Payne and KCA President, Kathy Previs

Department Head, Dr. Helen Sterk believes that KCA is a great place for teachers to learn new ideas in teaching and is a great way for faculty to take leadership. As Dr. Sterk stated, “It is a solid place of support for our discipline. This association keeps faculty involved in new ideas that are coming from research and teaching.”
Dr. Payne believes that getting involved with KCA offers many benefits, such as pursuing a leadership position and receiving great experience that can be a springboard for other professional organizations. She has served KCA for many years and seen the ups-and-downs of the organization. She has tried to look at how she can leave the association more structured and a better place for the next set of leaders who come in, as well as, how she can create an organization that is built to last where information is free flowing and where people can get what they need. Her many years of hard work was recently recognized with the KCA Service Award.

Left to right: (Back) Dr. Helen Sterk, Dr. Angela Jerome, Mr. Gavin Kirkwood, Ms. Kinda Yin, Dr. Gary Hughes (Front) Dr. Larry Snyder, Ms. Mizuho Tatehayashi, Ms. Gayle Allison, Dr. Holly Payne and Ms. Taylor Hillard

Dr. Sterk said, “Dr. Holly Payne has been an inspiration to me and has been the back bone of the organization.” Dr. Payne has been involved with KCA since graduate school, and every year she served a different role. Currently, she is the Editor of the Kentucky Journal of Communication and appreciates that she is able to promote scholars in the state and publish    Kentucky authors.
Dr. Sterk became the KCA Executive Director this year. Her responsibilities include  determining conference locations, overseeing contracts, retaining association records, and working with the newly elected  KCA Treasurer, Dr. Hughes.
For more information about KCA, contact Dr. Helen Sterk at or visit

~Sharika Hollingsworth, Student



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