Dr. Sterk Visits South Korea

The Department of Communication takes pride in strongly contributing to WKU’s international reach. In May 2016, Department Head, Helen Sterk, Ph.D., took the opportunity to travel to South Korea to scout out Study Abroad sites, as well as to conduct research interviews as part of the International Year of South Korea. Dr. Sterk is currently working on a research project about how ambition, professionalism, and family are all integrated into women’s lives. She interviewed a number of women professors from universities in Seoul to add to her research. From her interviews, she gathered that Korean women face even more extreme problems than  women from the United States. Dr. Sterk also visited South Korea looking for a potential partner for exchange programs.

Dr. Sterk in South Korea with students from Seoul University

WKU’s Office of International Programs is busy developing Study Abroad programs to further engage students. One of WKU’s partner  universities, Hanyang University in Seoul, has a one-month summer   program where students are taught in English from professors across the globe. There are a wide variety of Communication classes that are     offered, including International Advertising, Communication and Documentary Research, and Production in South Korea. “Communication has a different meaning in South Korea than it does here,” Dr. Sterk stated. “When they study communication, it is broadcasting and mass media.” Dr. Sterk believes this would be a great opportunity for Communication students to broaden their horizons. Some of the Communication professors are looking into teaching at this partner university in the coming summers. For more information, contact Dr. Sterk at helen.sterk@wku.edu or see www.hanyangsummer.com/seoul/hiss.



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