Professor Allison Visits China

The experience that longtime Communication instructor Gayle Allison, M.A. enjoyed most was when she travelled to China and explored a new place.  A cultural exchange from the church that she attends gave Ms. Allison the opportunity to travel with 15 other church partners to teach Chinese students about American  culture, including dance, music, and interviewing.


Language was one difference that Ms. Allison faced during her visit. According to Ms. Allison, whenever you visit other countries, you notice many differences. For example, Ms. Allison noticed that going to a park and having a picnic made college students happy. She believes it takes more than simple activities to make American college students happy. Furthermore, she noticed that most Chinese have respect for other religions, which is an important part of the Chinese culture. Also, she mentioned the food in China tastes better than the Chinese food in the United States, and people in China were very friendly to talk to.


Everyone wonders how they will be treated if they leave the country, but Ms. Allison found that they knew many things about American culture and they could tell she is from the South by her accent.  She recommends that students should visit other countries such as China to learn and enjoy new experiences. It is a great opportunity to travel and explore new things in your life, to learn more about others, and to let them learn about your culture as well.

~Hussain Alsaleh, Student


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