Communication Says ‘Farewell’ to Linda Yin

Chinese intercultural communication scholar, Linda Yin (Yin Zharong) bid farewell to Communication Nation on January 3, 2017.


Ms. Yin visited the WKU Department of Communication, which hosted her sabbatical year in 2017. While associated with the department, Ms. Yin attended Dr. Sterk’s COMM 200 and Dr. Kong’s 263 classes. In each, she contributed stories and examples of how communication works and is taught in China.

Ms. Yin also helped Dr. Sterk with her research project on Asian women professors’ balancing of work and home life by connecting her with a number of other Chinese scholars visiting at WKU.

The annual bonfire at Prof. Elder’s house was a highlight of the year for Ms. Yin. Her son, Sunny, joined her for a follow-up visit to Prof. Elder’s house, where Ms. Yin reveled in learning how to drive the lawn mowing tractor.

Through initiatives such as these, the Department of Communication builds relationships around the world. Ms. Yin enthusiastically invites both students and faculty members to visit her in Shanghai. If you’d like to know more, please contact Dr. Sterk at and she’ll connect you.

~Helen Sterk, Dept. Head


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