Communication Organization for Graduate Students (COGS)

The mission of COGS is to support our graduate students as they navigate through the program and look towards opportunities after graduation. During the fall semester our students in COGS have had some great successes in cultivating academic and professional development!

In September, COGS members Scott Branton, Mizuho Tatebayashi, and Gavin Kirkwood presented pieces from our COMM 552: Democracy, Power and Voice class at the Kentucky Communication Association conference right here in Bowling Green! In November, Scott Branton and Gavin Kirkwood also presented at the National Communication Association in Philadelphia. It is clear that our students are creating some outstanding research pieces in class and it is so great when we can go out and represent WKU’s Communication Department at larger events in our discipline.

Graduate Studnets during departmental Christmas Luncheon: Marshall Covert, Cathryn Ellis (JUMP Student), Gavin Kirkwood, and Haley Miller 

Another highlight of COGS was our Ph.D. information night this past October. This was a great time to hear past experiences from Dr. Kong, Dr. Brown, Dr. Payne, and Dr. Jerome about their time in Ph.D. programs. Having an informal Q &A helped our students get the information they needed as they prepare for their own professional development in higher education or possibly outside academia.

We wish all our graduate students the best during the upcoming spring semester.  Keep up the great work!

~Gavin Kirkwood, COGS President



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